Ô Workshop in Côte-d'Or

Choose the Ô’Rouge hotel for a successful company workshop in Gevrey-Chambertin!

The hotel Ô’Rouge in Gevrey-Chambertin, in the department of Côte-d’Or, sub-region of Côte de Nuits in Burgundy, offers companies two rooms for seminars and team building. The spaces are specially designed to guarantee the success of your events.

Hotel Ô Rouge offers seminar rooms for business events. The main room has a surface area of 40 m² and is accompanied by a private terrace. It can accommodate up to 22 people, offering an intimate setting conducive to exchanges.
In addition to the main room, the hotel also offers the rental of two other rooms, each measuring around 15 m². This provides additional space for smaller meetings or group activities.

When it comes to catering, Hotel Ô Rouge offers locavore and home-cooked meals. Dishes are prepared with local produce, highlighting the flavors of the region. So you can expect quality food, fresh and prepared with care.

As for facilities, the seminar rooms are equipped with modern equipment to facilitate your presentations and meetings. For example, you can count on an interactive touch screen that makes it easy to interact with your content. This will make your presentations more dynamic and engaging.

Hotel Ô Rouge also offers customized and personalized organization for your business events. You can discuss your specific needs with the hotel team, who will put together a program tailored to your expectations.

What is a corporate workshop?

The company seminar is an event that brings together employees, outside the premises of the structure. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and exchange ideas on a project, a specific question or a problem concerning the functioning and/or the activities of the company. These events are also an opportunity for employees to spend some time together, in a friendly and relaxing environment.

A hotel is the best choice for a company seminar. The Ô’Rouge hotel in Gevrey-Chambertin welcomes your company seminars in a space perfectly fitted out and equipped for your working sessions.

What are the advantages of workshops for companies?

Seminars are essential events for the development of a company. Organizing a seminar in a hotel with a neat and warm setting allows to create and reinforce considerably the cohesion of the professional teams. The atmosphere influences the emotion, the reactions and the motivation of the participants. A friendly atmosphere facilitates communication and contributes to the creation of a real synergy between the different hierarchies and departments that make up the team. Employees are more comfortable expressing their opinions and ideas throughout the work session. By collecting the opinions of employees, managers can optimize their decision-making. On the other hand, expressing ideas and speaking out on an important issue concerning the company optimizes the organization and functioning of the structure and increases the motivation of each employee, at all levels. A fluid and clear distribution of information as well as a good understanding between employees represent important performance levers for a company.

The Ô’Rouge hotel offers an adapted space to welcome team buildings during company seminars. The playful animations planned during the company events reinforce the understanding within the group. The harmony within the professional teams improves the performances and optimizes, thus, the results of the company.

A work session and exchanges in a warm and serious atmosphere is also the best opportunity to introduce the new employees, freshly recruited. Fun team building activities ensure their integration into the professional teams.

A luxury hotel, the best place for your company workshops

Wonderfully located in the department of Côte-d’Or, sub-region of the Côte de Nuits, in Burgundy, the Hotel Ô’Rouge offers to companies 2 seminar rooms fully equipped to host work sessions and team buildings. The spaces are distinguished by their careful decoration, specially designed to immerse participants in an intimate, studious and warm atmosphere. The air conditioning system guarantees the comfort and well-being of all occupants. The furniture is arranged in such a way as to guarantee the convenience, comfort and well-being of each participant. The equipment required to hold a meeting or any other presentation is available on site, upon request. The company provides connected LED screens, Wi-Fi connection for all participants, a paper board and other specific devices and tools you need to hold the meeting.

The establishment Ô’Rouge ensures, in addition, the restoration during all the duration of the event. You have the choice between the half-day formula including the sweet break and the lunch. The day option includes 2 sweet breaks and lunch. Each participant is entitled to a bottle of water and a drink during the working session.

The Ô’Rouge seminar rooms in Gevrey-Chambertin are available under prior reservation on the hotel’s dedicated website. The Ô’Rouge hotel takes care of the organization of your seminars in Gevrey-Chambertin, according to your needs and requirements in terms of logistics, activities, meals and program. Entrust the planning of your corporate seminars to an experienced professional to ensure the success of your corporate events!